Outpatient surgery

We offer you a wide spectrum of ambulatory operations, which we carry out in one of Munich’s leading outpatient operation centres. Therefore, you will receive a treatment in line with the latest medical update.

Laser surgery

Laser surgery makes painless and ambulatory treatment of several different eye conditions possible. We offer the following laser treatments:

  • Yag-capsulotomy (treatment of the after-cataract)
  • Yag-laser iridotomy (for imminent angle-closure glaucoma, plateau iris syndrome, pigment dispersion glaucoma)
  • SLT – selective laser trabeculoplasty (laser treatment for improvement of drainage at the anterior chamber angle and for reduction of increased intra-ocular pressure caused by open-angle glaucoma)
Intra-vitreal injections

By intra-vitreal injection, medication can be applied directly and precisely into the vitreous body, i.e. the inner eye. This way, side effects of the administered drugs on the rest of the body can be reduced to a minimum. It has become therapy of first choice for many conditions, e.g. the wet form of macular degeneration, diabetic macular oedema and blood vessel occlusion.

Intra-vitreal injection is performed after application of local anaesthetic eye drops and under sterile conditions.

Cosmetic lid surgery

Cosmetic operations of the eye lid mainly relate to the lifting of sagging skin of the upper eye lids and the correction of drooping eye lids, respectively. Through a short surgical intervention, a significantly rejuvenated look can be achieved in an effective and especially long-lasting way.

If the sole use of cosmetic products does not provide you with satisfactory results any longer, do contact us! We have gathered comprehensive experience over many years to perform these operations according to the highest and most up-to-date standards.