We offer you the whole spectrum of conservative ophthalmology. Also with regard to complex medical conditions, we will give you comprehensive and competent advice.

Special consultations

In our practice you will receive substantiated advice for every medical condition in consideration with current medical research and development.

Consultation hour for children

Especially in the first years of life it is of importance to detect sight development disorders, in order to prevent permanently impaired vision.

If recognised in time by an ophthalmologist, visual disorders in childhood can still be treated effectively. This is why, from the second year of life onwards, the eyes should be checked regularly by an ophthalmologist. With the support of our orthoptist and by examining in a child-oriented way we are able to acquire reliable findings and to commence the appropriate therapies accordingly.

Please remember to arrange for an appointment for your child early and in timely connection with your appointment for the regular paediatric check-up. A paediatric examination does not replace the visit to the ophthalmologist’s!

Refractive consultation

Refractive surgery comprises eye operations which alter the overall refraction of the eye (e.g. Lasik, Lasek, ICL, ReLEx smile, Clear-Lens-Exchange). Corrective eyewear such as glasses or contact lenses can thus be replaced permanently.

Due to our experience over many years, we can offer you comprehensive expert advice on the best method for you and we look after you before andafter the intervention. We co-operate with Munich’s leading outpatient surgery centres.

Cosmetic lid surgery – consultation

Cosmetic operations of the eye lid mainly relate to the lifting of sagging skin of the upper eye lids and the correction of drooping eye lids, respectively. Through a short surgical intervention, a significantly rejuvenated look can be achieved in an effective and especially long-lasting way.

If the sole use of cosmetic products does not provide you with satisfactory results any longer, do contact us! We have gathered comprehensive experience over many years to perform these operations according to the highest and most up-to-date standards.